What would it look like if
philanthropy celebrated Black Abundance instead?
A Call to Action
Almost two years have passed since the social uprisings of 2020. The disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Black communities coupled with the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin set off a litany of statements from philanthropy expressing solidarity with Black communities.
These events have led to expanded support of racial equity- and racial justice-focused grantmaking and increased funding to Black-led organizations. But history shows that responses can be short term, that attention shifts, that structural change requires focus. Will recent efforts lead to structural and sustained change in how philanthropy is in relationship with Black communities and increased investment in Black-led and Black-serving organizations for the long term, uplifting freedom for all communities? It is possible, and Abundance is an opportunity to advance transformational change through the joyful work of celebrating, supporting, and being by lead by Black communities.
What would it feel like if philanthropy
celebrated and invested in Black Lives,
Black Resilience, Black Joy, and Black Power?
Abundance is an acknowledgement of the richness of existing Black-led efforts and the opportunity to support those efforts in a way that leads to freedom and joy for all.
Abundance is a movement.
It is a movement to free mindsets, dollars, policies and practices to address anti-Blackness in philanthropy.
Abundance is a structural shift.
It is a demonstration of love for Black people, embracing the multitudes of intersectional identities. It is how philanthropy moves resources when we really love Black people.
The goal is to ensure long-term and equitable distribution to Black-led and centered organizations, including those that challenge systems. This is imperative for racial equity and racial justice.
The Commitment
Set a quantifiable goal to significantly raise annual payout to Black-led work by the start of 2025, with growth year over year starting now.
Examine culture, policy and practices to address barriers faced by Black-led organizations to enter the front doors of philanthropy and secure significant investment over time.
Learn and act, in a community that supports profound and often counter-habitual work, and acts on structural opportunities.
Build movement, and shift the predominant narrative by celebrating Blackness.
Operate from abundance.
Commit to change today!

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